This printable sightword bingo game for 6 can be changed so each board is individualised to the needs of the reader.
Sight Word Bingo
(a card game to aid the learning of personalised sight words)

One of the Six gameboards

Sight Word Bingo - There are 6 game boards in this set. Each board has a motivational reading quote at the top for discussion. Once you download the boards they are set up so you can jointly construct boards with members of your guided reading groups on the computer and print out individualised games.

Once printed out I photocopy the boards to make the matching cards for the dealer.

The letters in red are to focus the children on sounds they need to know ie 'Show me the part of the word that says _____'.

Some people that use this game print the boards out blank and laminate them. They then write the children's words on the board in non-permanent markers so they can rub them off when the kids know the words.

Just right click on the link, select 'save target as' modify the words for your students and print it out. I find laminating the games makes them last a lot longer.

Sight Word Bingo - Word Version 307Kb
Blank Word Version
Blank Acrobat Version -

Read this before you download the games.

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