Jackson Pollock - Challenging Ideas on what Art Is

Jackson Pollock
(in the classroom without the mess)

Jackson Pollock Online Art Generator

Here is a website that lets you create artwork in the style of Jackson Pollock without having to even get out any paint.

Introduction: Have the students research Jackson Pollock and find out interesting facts about his life. Many will be amazed at how much money his paintings go for these days.

Experiment Online: Visit http://www.jacksonpollock.org/ and have the students create their own artworks.

Experiment In the Classroom: I once covered my classroom floor in painters' dropsheets and then strung paint tins with holes in the bottoms up between portable netball goalposts to experiment with some of Jackson Pollocks painting methods. We produced several large artworks over 2 metres high and 3 metres long. The children produced the artworks in groups of six over a whole day. Heaps of fun was had, attitudes to Art were challenged and great children's artwork was produced.

Possible Tasks

- Take screen dumps of the online work and post it to a student blog.
- Have children answer these questions - Is it really art? Why or Why Not? Do you think the paintings are worth as much as people pay for them? Why or Why Not?
- Visit an Art Gallery and view his works in real life.
- Visit a Virtual Art Gallery like this one to view some of Jackson Pollock's works.

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