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Colours Mixed With White

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1. Paint a series of black lines on the page: vertical, horizontal, zig zag, curved and swirly.

2. Join the lines to each other and to the side of the page to create closed shapes. (NB I tend to make these line works all in one session then let them dry. You'll also need to insist that they write their names on the back of their linework. I'm sure you know the drill lol)

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2. Discuss - colours that are generally considered warm (from yellow to red-violet) and cool colours (from yellow-green to violet). These colours often go together very well and are used to suggest warmth or coldness.

3. Experiment with tints and place these experimental colours in the closed shapes. The most challenging part of this activity is to have the students achieve a gradual gradation of one tint to another.

4. Once dry, overpaint the black lines.

Tips and Tricks - try to use controlled brushstrokes to get a good covering.
- try to use a variety of colours and not use the same colours next to
each other.

- Always try to be creative and not boring. (Just like everybody else hehehehe) 

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