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Monochromatic (One Colour)
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Paperwork Stuff:

- to explore the possibilities and gain an understanding of using one colour to create an artwork.
- use tints and shades of blue to emulated & appreciate the work of Picasso's Blue Period
- rah, rah, bloody rah! Let's explore some Art!


1. Introduce and discuss the cubist works of Braques, Picasso and any cubists you know of :)

2 Use yellow chalk ( I find it paints under easily) to draw an 'imagined' cubist fruit bowl on a large sheet of art paper. They are not allowed to use many curved lines. NB I find it helps to demonstrate this section so that you can encourage a variety of fruits and to point out 'filling the space'.

3. Demonstrate mixing and using tints and shades of blue. ie they are only to use blue, black and white. As well as demonstrating the diagonal brushstroke technique of the Cubists.

4. Children experiment with adding their own tints and shades to their chalk outlines. Make sure you paint each section with a different shade or tint of blue.

5. Once dry experiment with outlining techniques. I've tried charcol, black paint applied with a thin brush and think black texta. My favourite is the charcoal but it can make a huge mess.

Tips and Tricks

a) Make sure you wash your brush thoroughly to ensure you don't get undesired colour blends.
b)Make sure you dry your brush so that you don't have runny paint.


People either love or hate the Cubist period. Where do you stand onn the issue AND why? One paragraph to be glue on the back of the artwork.   

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