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Podcasting with Class

Wecome to podcasting with class :)

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We're BACK! The Ace Kids' Podcast:05
Dear World,

Mr B now only sees us once a week for an ICT lesson and we've had to work out a strategy for podcasting with only such a short period of time available to us. In Week 1 a group of 6 students make a script designed to fill the brief, 'You have about 3 minutes to talk to the world. What will you do for them?'. In week 2 we have to submit the script to Mr B for review and discussion then we recorded it in Audacity. In the third week we experiment with sound effects and add the music we compose in Ejay. Each group saves their file as a wav file and we put the whole show together with Mr B and he uploads it for us. Enjoy!

Ace Kids' Podcast:04
Our 4th Show

Dear World ,

Our school year is over it it is time to bid you a fond farewell... for a little while at least :)

Ace Kids' Podcast:03
Our 3rd Show

Dear World ,

Our third podcast is an experiment with a fully scripted show. We had a great time putting it together. See what you think.

Ace Kids - Podcast: 02
Our 2nd Show

This is our second show. The children had 1/2 and hour to script, 1/2 an hour with the software and 1/2 an hour in post production (Ok we had a bit longer on Audacity hehehe). This show is most of what they wanted to present to the world. Send them some feedback if you get some time.

Special thanks has to go out to iPodcast directory for educators, schools and colleges for all the help with our second show :)

Ace Skid Podcast: 01
Test Show

This is our first experiment with podcasting. It is a collection of jokes that we have added a little digital technology to. See what you think

Just right click on the link above and 'save target as' then have a listen and a laugh!


Adrian Bruce